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Probate Office Adelaide Western Australia


Our Solicitors Deal With The Issue Of Grant Of Probate

To obtain a grant of Probate, the executor named in the will must make application to the Probate Office of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. If the application is approved, the executor is given a grant of probate, which authorises the executor to administer the estate of the deceased according to the terms of the will.

Probate forms can be obtained online :-

The probate office for Western Australia is situated at:-

    Probate Office
    Supreme Court of Western Australia
    Level 14
    111 St Georges Terrace
    Western Australia
    WA 6000

All births, marriages and deaths in Western Australia are on record at :-

    Western Australia Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
    10/141 St Georges Terrace
    Western Australia
    WA 6000


Our Lawyers Deal With All Matters Relating To Wills and Probate

There are many cases where a will is challenged or contested by a disputed probate solicitor in a court of law. There are numerous reasons why a will or probate may become contentious, the most common of which relates to the validity of the will which must comply with the following statutory rules:-

  • the person making the will (testator) must be over at least 18 years old
  • the will must be in writing
  • the will must be signed by the testator
  • the will must be witnessed and signed by two others present at the same time with the testator
  • the document must have been executed with the testators free will
  • there must have been no undue influence to obtain signature
  • a beneficiary should not be a witness or they lose their inheritance