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Our Solicitors Deal With The Issue Of Grant Of Probate

Following the death of an individual the Executor named in the will takes up a provisional role which is confirmed by the issue of a Grant of Probate. Application for a Grant of Probate is made to the Probate Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Probate forms can be obtained online from :-

The probate office for New South Wales is situated at:-

    Sydney Supreme Court Probate Registry
    Levels 4 and 5
    Law Courts Building
    184 Phillip Street
    New South Wales

All births, marriages and deaths in New South Wales are on record at:-

    New South Wales Registry of Births Marriages & Deaths
    35 Regent Street
    New South Wales


Our Lawyers Deal With All Matters Relating To Wills and Probate

In cases where a deceased has left assets but there is no will it is incumbent on one of the potential beneficiaries to obtain a grant of letters of administration and to thereafter liquidate the assets, pay off the debts and distribute the remainder in accordance with the intestacy rules which set out the order of priority according to relationships which are detailed in the intestacy rules.

In general terms the duties of an administrator or executor are extremely similar in that both must assess and protect assets, pay of debts and tax and thereafter distribute in accordance with the law which can either be outlined in the will or where there is no will in accordance with the intestacy rules. In all cases the representative remains personally liable and must act diligently and honestly or the beneficiaries would otherwise be entitled to instruct a probate solicitor to take legal action against the executor or administrator.